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1130 Silva Avenue
Santa Rosa, California 95404
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License #: 496802047

Phone:  (707) 542-3500
             (415) 205-3276
Fax:      (707) 528-2488

2017 Senior Living Award
What We Do

We’ll take care of you. Retirement at Silva Board and Care will be a smooth lifestyle. Our residents are welcomed into a home-like setting where they enjoy:

  • Assistance in daily routines to ensure comfort and personal hygiene
  • Healthy and well balanced meals including in-between snacks
  • Medication management per doctor's orders
  • Stimulating mental and physical activities
  • Transportation to medical and dental appointments
  • Daily physical and mental assessment
  • A total and compassionate level of caregiving to specific needs
  • References gladly provided

Levels of Care

Levels of care are determined after a thorough assessment, and upon acceptance for placement at Silva Board & Care.

  • Level 1 - Minimum assistance
  • Level 2 - Total care including incontinence
  • Level 3 - Total care and Hospice

Move in soon. Silva Board and Care will look forward to your arrival. We also invite you to take a tour around our home when you visit. Set a schedule with us.